E  V  O  L  V  E    C  R  E  A  T  I  V  E  L  Y

Listen deep, listen wide... emerge


H e l p i n g   A r t i s t s   F i n d   T h e i r   I m p a c t  

Life is constantly communicating with us. Dynamic Emergence is the process through which life emerges; through interactions, through influence, through responses. If you listen well, using the various Ways Of Knowing embedded in you - in your design - you can co-create with that force intelligently and with passion. Creativity is an unbiased and fully available force - how you connect to it is how you connect to your future. Who you are emerges through those interactions.

Your imagination ~ your creativity ~ your life.

What happens next is up to you.

B e g i n   T o d a y 

T h e   j o u r n e y   b a c k   t o   w h o   a n d   w h a t   w e   r e a l l y   a r e

C o n s c i o u s - C r e a t i v e - P e r s o n a l - P l a n e t a r y - S o c i a l - C h a n g e

I  N  N  O  V  A  T  E     C  R  E  A  T  I  V  E  L  Y

Heal society’s understanding of creativity, ecology, community, business & governance

Supporting a worldview that deepens our relationship to planet, cosmology, creativity

B U S I N E S S: Greater cohesion – develop sustainable, integrated, business plans to remain competitive in a changing world – collaborate and brainstorm in unique and deeply impactful ways – learn how others operate so you can maximize your vision results and deepen your work relationships in healthy ways.

P E R S O N A L: Understand what you are experiencing energetically in your daily life and how to manage that for increased  happiness and ease – learn how to manage your relationships and discover where family members, and friends, are coming from – behave with kindness towards people with different understanding and Ways of Knowing.

S O C I A L: Increased empathy and understanding means greater listening skills for healing social wounding – learning to create gentle, safe, clear, mutual boundaries can establish a safer and more inspiring reality – reduce human violence – generate inclusive, empathic, innovative, socially aware societies and communities.

P L A N E T A R Y: Learn how to listen, feel, think, and act, in accordance with the natural order of the Cosmos and the Planet. They can teach us what we need to know. We belong to this interdependent, relational, communicative, living system. We can grow societies that are kind, intelligent, and sustainable; in right relationship to all life.